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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new film ‘Maggie’ recently hit theaters. Many fans and critics gave this film great reviews, but there are some that feel that ‘Maggie’ lacks something. My friend Kevin Seawright and I went to…

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After years of creating stars and millions of fans tuning in every season, Fox has decided to give American Idol the hatchet. It has been reported that the show will be cancelled after its 2016…

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American Idol, the show that started it all, is finally coming to an end after years of ratings which have steadily declined. After 15 seasons of entertaining audiences around the world, American Idol is no…

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Justin Bieber is known for his exploits with the opposite sex. For many years if he has desired to hook up with a girl, he usually does and can. It has seemed that for quite…

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Marvel Studio’s head, Kevin Feige, has finally gone public on the company’s wishes for The X-Men. Marvel would really like to get the rights for X-Men characters back from Fox. Feige has noted he would…

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